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VT420 terminal emulation.

GTW420 - Powerful yet friendly terminal emulation.

GTW420 Information:

GTW420 is an advanced terminal emulation customized for the needs of large and
small organizations. It enable it's users to rely on a single host access solution
and therefore save them time and money.

GTW420 terminal emulation key features :
Frienly and comfortable emulation.
GTW420 terminal emulation featuresDigital's DEC Emulation (VT420 and backward compatibility emulation for VT320/220/100).
ANSI / SCO-ANSI Emulation.
Multiple sessions.
Enhanced Mouse Functions.
Fast and reliable FTP - File Transfer.
Flexible Keyboard Layout.
Powerful Script Language.
Automatically Scaled fonts.(Automatically change by window resize).
Full support for Double width /double height characters. Attribute to color mapping.
True attributes display for Underline, Reverse, Blink.
Variant Screen Sizes 24,36,48 lines per Screen, 80 or 132 cols.
Includes Printer drivers for full functional Slave printer support.
Rectangular area operations.
VT420 Macro support.
20 Programmable Function keys.
All GUI elements including the menu, can be turned on or off.
Host induced commands let the host application to run scripts or program,
change keyboard layout, perform file transfer and quit the Emulation.
Terminal configuration menus imitate original "Terminal Setup" for low learning curve.
DDE links to other Windows applications.
Phone Book / Dialer for handy modem connection.
Command Recycle, restore and edit last commands.
Supervisor configuration tools.

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