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More of GTW420 terminal emulation features :

Bullet The Tool Bar - Which gives you a shortcut to the most commonly used functions, along with the visual indication of the system modes. The Tool Bar can be placed Vertically or Horizontally, Left, Right, Top or bottom. You can place or discard buttons using drag & drop, in the Tool Bar menu.

Bullet The Numeric and Editing Pads - fully relocatable, floating windows that enable mouse oriented use for the "TERMINAL"s key pads.

Bullet The Button Bar - will directly integrate your "TERMINAL" to the world of Windows. With no more then a click of the mouse you can dispatch a Script macro, imitate a Functional key, command your host application with User defined String or set local printer modes and options for your needs. The Button bar can be placed at the top or bottom of the screen.

Bullet The Enhanced Mouse Functions allows you to Select/Copy/Paste without accessing the Edit Menu, with minimum activity by the mouse alone. Using Auto-Copy, the data you selected automatically transfers to the clipboard when you finish the selection.

Bullet You can select Options from the Host application menu by double clicking on an item, which in turn, sends the number or keyword of the selection, to the host computer, and makes the selection.

Bullet The right-hand mouse button can draw a cross hair cursor that will easily identify the location of any data item. It can also be used both as an Enter Key, and to Paste data from the clipboard.

The GTW420 file transfer system puts all technical details of file transfer in the background. All you have to do is set the file names and press the Send or Get button.

GTW420 Holds FTP - TCP/IP Power for you !
TCP/IP users can use FTP - File Transfer with file selection dialog box for both local and remote systems. One or more files can be transferred at a time; there is no need for the login sequence each time. serial communication users can use kermit, Xmodem or Zmodem for file transfer.

Bullet FLEXIBLE KEYBOARD LAYOUT Multiple Base keyboard layouts can be selected from six pre-defined files. To customize keyboard layout you can use the Visual Keyboard Layout Designer - all you have to do is drag the required function to the selected key until the keyboard layout fits your needs. The new layout can be immediately activated or can be saved for later use.
GTW420 fully supports LK450, it toggles the keyboard mode to DEC each time you enter the emulation window for fully functional Terminal Keyboard and returns it to PC mode when you exit the emulation window.

BulletPOWERFUL SCRIPT LANGUAGE The script file is capable of executing complex operations in a snap.
The GTW420 Script language variant commands can open a message box, Common dialog boxes for file selection, List Boxes and more.


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